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Miller’s Barbecue, Evansville, IN, put together in one sentence makes perfect sense. Barbecue is an almost sacred food in Evansville IN. We completely understand and agree to why people love it so much. Anyone who knows us at Miller’s Barbecue, Evansville, IN can attest to our team that strives to provide the absolute best quality of food and service.

From humble beginnings, participating and winning in local barbeque competitions and realizing the potential of our multifaceted food menu ranging from classic to contemporary style of BBQ, we moved on to make it our goal to cater our food.

Miller’s Best BBQ in Evansville, Indiana

This where Miller’s barbecue, Evansville, IN, came into fruition. We started small, selling and delivering our exceptional and juicy ribs, pulled pork, brisket and chicken, soon becoming a local favorite. Since then we have evolved and developed ourselves more and more to ensure that our customers have as many options as possible available to them. By having a customizable menu for your special events, Miller’s Catering wants to make everyone feel included and have something special for everyone.

Our priority has been to be the freshest and best food catering service in the tri-state because you deserve the best. If you feel the slightest bit concerned about food menus for any function, whether it be family gatherings, parties, weddings or corporate events, we will be there to help you in the whole process. It is our goal to make the process as painless and stress-free for you as possible. Miller’s Barbecue Evansville IN, will help you in everything starting from explaining menu offerings, which menu to choose, the meat and the side dishes, the amount of food, the setup and of course, the delivery.

Trust us in going above and beyond to prove ourselves as the hardworking business that is aiming to bring happiness and joy in people’s lives through great and fresh food, timely delivery and successful resolutions of events with all the guests satisfied with the food at the end of the day.

Call now and place your order for the next big event in your life and enjoy it all without the stress of planning!  


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