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The love for amazing barbecue and the passion for serving others is the root of Miller’s Catering. The story began many years ago when Warren started cooking competitions and from the start won many championships. Him, his dad and a few great friends started with a desire of simply having fun on the weekend while smoking great food. Warren quickly exceeded his expectations of pure fun and realized his inner passion and outstanding potential to serve others great quality tasting meats.

Although the competitions became few and far between when Warren and his wife Dianna, married and had four children, the spark was always there to cater. Warren worked as a teacher and Dianna a Youth First School Social Worker. Working full-time and raising their young kids kept their desire and vision for an Evansville Catering business at bay for several years.

Fast forward a few more years later, their passion resurfaced as they now could find time to research just exactly what it would take to become a local caterer. Warren realized the potential for quality smoked meats in Evansville and was confident he could make his dream come true. Dianna was always known for her love of catering and was passionate about bringing high expectations to the table regarding the fresh-made sides. She had experience in organizing caterings and feeding large crowds through her previous job as a school social worker.

She knew exactly how to put a woman’s touch on amazing sides that would compliment the award-winning meats. Together, Warren and Dianna created the best of both worlds. It’s rare to go to one spot to find the best unique recipes, a blend of quality premium meats and fantastic customer relations. Word quickly spread of the small catering business and the buzz about Miller’s was all positive. They had hundreds of small catering jobs that were a smashing success.

Miller’s Catering grew to a multifaceted business of being at local events and specializing in catering. They were quickly outgrowing their roadside tent set-up. They decided to further pursue a larger catering dream and designed and purchased the first Evansville Mobile Smokehouse. It was another smashing success. Being present with the Mobile Smokehouse at local events for a few years and trying to keep up with the ever growing catering needs, Warren and Dianna both decided it was time to go all in with the business and go full time.

They have not looked back. Miller’s Catering experience over the years ranges all the way from catering Victoria Nationals Corn Ferry PGA Tour, catering weddings, wedding rehearsal dinners, any kind of receptions to graduation parties and backyard events. When Miller’s is roadside at local events, Warren and Dianna find themselves humbled and grateful for their Miller’s Tribe as they were voted the best food truck in the tri-state area. Word continues to travel, business continues to grow, and Miller’s Catering is all you need to know for all your catering needs!


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