Number of Guests:

The total number of guests attending the event is a crucial factor in determining the cost of catering and party planning services in Evansville. The catering company will generally charge on a per-person basis, covering expenses such as food, beverages, and staff required to serve the guests. Larger events with a higher number of attendees will naturally require more resources, resulting in increased costs. Conversely, smaller events may have lower overall costs.

Menu Selection:

The complexity and variety of the menu play a significant role in determining the cost of catering. The menus offered by catering companies can vary greatly, ranging from simple and budget-friendly options to high-end, gourmet selections. The ingredients used, the level of customization, and the inclusion of special dietary options will all influence the final price. It’s important to consider the preferences and expectations of your corporate event when selecting a menu.

Food and Beverage Choices:

The specific food and beverage choices made for the corporate event can have a notable impact on the overall cost. Opting for premium cuts of meat, exotic ingredients, or organic and locally sourced produce will likely increase the price. Additionally, the inclusion of alcoholic beverages, such as wine or a full bar, will add to the expense. However, selecting more budget-friendly options, like buffet-style meals or non-alcoholic beverages, can help keep costs down.

Service Level:

The level of service required for your corporate event will influence the cost. Full-service catering, where the catering staff takes care of everything from setup to clean-up, tends to be more expensive than drop-off or buffet-style options. With full-service catering, you can expect a team of professional servers, bartenders, and event staff who will handle all aspects of the event, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for your guests.


The choice of venue can impact the cost of catering and party planning services. Some venues in Evansville offer in-house catering services, which may simplify the planning process and potentially reduce costs. However, if you opt for a venue that does not provide catering services, you will need to hire an external caterer. In such cases, additional expenses may be incurred for kitchen facilities, equipment rentals, and transportation of the catering team and supplies.

Event Duration:

The duration of the corporate event can affect the overall cost of catering and party planning services. Longer events will require additional staff, extended service hours, and potentially more food and beverages. As a result, costs are likely to be higher compared to shorter events. When discussing your event requirements with the catering company, be sure to provide them with an accurate estimate of the event duration to receive an appropriate quote.

Additional Services:

The inclusion of additional services, such as event planning, decor, audiovisual equipment, transportation, and entertainment, can significantly impact the overall cost of catering and party planning. These services may be provided by the catering company itself or by external vendors. Depending on your corporate event’s needs and budget, you can choose to include or exclude these additional services.

Season and Demand:

  1. Seasonal demand and availability can affect the cost of catering and party planning services in Evansville. Peak seasons, holidays, or popular event dates often have higher rates due to increased demand. On the other hand, off-peak periods may offer more flexibility and potential discounts. It is advisable to discuss your preferred event date with the catering company to determine if there are any seasonal price variations and to explore alternative options that might be more cost-effective.
  2. By considering these factors and discussing them with catering companies in Evansville, you can obtain more accurate quotes tailored to your specific event. It’s important to communicate your budget and requirements clearly to ensure that the catering company can provide you with suitable options that meet your needs while staying within your desired price range.


In summary, the cost of catering and party planning for corporate events in Evansville is determined by various factors, including the number of guests, menu selection, food and beverage choices, service level, venue, event duration, additional services, and seasonal demand. Understanding these cost determinants and discussing your requirements with catering companies will help you obtain accurate quotes and make informed decisions while planning your corporate event.